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Want to have Brown Family Farm deliver to your work?

We are always adding new drop sites. The process is simple: contact us.

We will come out and present out CSA model to you and fellow employees so that everyone understands everything there is to know about CSA Shares. It is free of charge for a business to offer our CSA Shares to their employees. We will come out and present out farm practices & CSA Model, and deliver the CSA boxes all season long free of charge to the hosting business. The only compensation we receive is from the employees that we are growing produce for.

If we are delivering to your workplace, it is a “closed” drop site. This means that only employees will be able to utilize your site, no outsiders will be able to come into your building to pick up.

FAQ: Is there a minimum number of shares that you require to deliver to any business?
A: No. We don’t have a minimum requirement to deliver to a location. When we commit to growing produce for a business & their employees, we follow through.


Want to have Brown Family Farm deliver to your home?

We are always adding new pick up sites. Hosting a pick up site at your home means that you would never have to leave your house to pick up your weekly delivery of fresh produce! There is also a discount to your membership cost if you host a pick up site. Discounts start at a standard percentage and then increase by the number of members that choose to pick up at your home.

If you are interested in learning about these discounts please contact us.

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