Here’s your chance add variety to your meal planning.

The Food.
We take pride in providing the staple vegetables within our CSA shares, but we also take the time to grow the varieties that are less common.  CSA Shares are harvested and packed fresh so that they provide our members the best flavor. As the season progresses from June to October the varieties of fresh produce and herbs that we are harvesting will naturally change.

What is coming in my CSA Share this week? 
Our CSA Share program works well because we plan our seeding and transplanting in advance so we can “plan” what comes in the CSA Share boxes each week. Of course each season is different and there will be variations due to weather and other factors, but overall our Share Members will see many similarities from year to year. We grow multiple plantings of the more popular varieties so they are in harvest for longer as well, for example cucumbers/ pickles, green beans, sweet corn, broccoli, and more. 

The Blog.
Every week during the harvest season, we post an update to our BLOG. This will keep Members informed on what is happening on the farm, it will list the produce that can be expected in the following week’s box, and we will provide storage tips, nutritional information and our favorite recipes which correlate with the variety of the week.

Benefits to being a CSA Share member 
Access to high quality, locally grown produce
-Knowing who your farmer is & their farming practices
-CSA members are the first to hear when canning surplus is available; for example, pickles, tomatoes, and beans
-Discounted prices on canning surplus for CSA Share members only
-Understanding the seasons, what is in harvest & when
-Trying new produce varieties and recipes. What you loose in choice, you gain in confidence.
-Supporting the network of small family farms
-Keeping your money local, we purchase our supplies from a local farm store
-Access to our CSA Share Blog, including recipes, storage tips, and nutritional information



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