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Thank you!!

Good afternoon all,

We appreciate the opportunity to grow for you this season. I know that all of our emotions were likely pulled in different directions, this season was definitely a hard one! That being said, it was made a bit easier with each email I received encouraging Ben & I.

That is what makes this type of farming so special. CSA Shares in a nut shell are 'shared risk, shared reward' as many would say. That means during the bountiful years we will stuff your boxes to the brim and in the challenging seasons we will do our absolute best to get you a variety of fresh produce grown on our farm.

CSA Shares form a close sense of community- and I hope you know that we consider you our 'veggie family'! That makes all of you related as well, as a group I can say that we ALL want to eat locally grown fresh produce while supporting local farming families.

Thank you again for your kindness and support through this challenging season, we look forward to growing for you in the future.

We appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

Have a wonderful winter!


~The Browns


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