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Picked Red Apples


The freshest Apples straight from the orchard, literally.


The Apple Share is a heck of a deal for fresh from the orchard apples. And better even, they're delivered alongside your CSA Share so you don't need to do anything special to get your Apple Share!

2024: We are planning to deliver Apple Shares during week 14 of our CSA season, which is be delivered during the week of Sept 18th alongside your normal CSA share. Just like everything else on the farm, these are weather dependent. We will make sure to send you email updates as it approaches.

Don't worry about forgetting about your Apple Share because we will send you an email reminder prior to their delivery!

The Apple Share is $60 for the 5/9th bushel box full of Honey Crisp Apples (about 20 pounds). Every CSA Member will receive a handful Honey Crisps in their normal CSA, but the Apple Shares come in handy if you want more!

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