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100% natural raw honey! Pure; nothing is added and nothing is taken out. The way nature intended it to be!

We are working with Red Hive Honey (Foley, MN) to bring their high-quality tasty honey to you in the form of an Add-on package through our CSA!

Ben & I don't personally keep bees, but we're happy to support the endeavors of our neighbors and we end up with the best tasting, local, FRESH honey possible!! 

We have two add-on packages available. 

Honey Staples_edited.jpg
Honey Enthusiast.jpg

$24 for the Honey Sampler Package: creamed honey & a 1lb squeeze bottle.

$50 for the Honey Enthusiast Package: creamed honey, a package of honeycomb, a 1.5lb jar of honey & a 1.5lb jar of honey with honeycomb inside! **This is something I've never seen any other beekeeper do before; it's unique to Red Hive Honey.

Our CSA Members can order this anytime from January 1st through August 31st 2024. Then the honey is delivered alongside your CSA in September! 

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