Pork Deposit
You're in the right spot.

We are happy to raise pork for our CSA Members!! 

I created this webpage specifically for making deposits for your pork. Kind of like our Membership at the beginning of the season, we create this page and only give the link out to those who are invited. It's not on our website anywhere that you can find it (unless you have the special link!)

As you know, we have a limited quantity available so please don't share this link with friends. 

If you're not able to pay for a deposit by the end of July, please reach out to me directly and we'd be happy to make an exception for you and make other arrangements.

William supervising the little piggies while getting used to their new home.
Enjoying their fresh hay!
I'm ready for my close up!
Building their home!

The way it works is you pay us to raise the pig for you and pay the butcher to process it for you. The cost paid to us is based on the hanging weight of the pig, we charge $3.50 per pound. The butcher prices are listed below.

Our butcher dates in 2022 start at the end of September and we will bring 5 pigs in every week through the end of October. If you sign up for a whole/half pig I will let you know when yours is going into the butcher shop and I'll ask you to call them a week beforehand to give them butchering instructions. 

The butcher charges a base rate per pound to cut and wrap it:

Whole pig: $1.15

Half pig: $1.20

You can decide how you want it cut up, how thick you want your pork chops, how many of the roasts you want smoked (making it a ham- delicious!!), sausage, etc. They can do specialty processing (which has an extra charge) for smoking, making sausage or ground pork, making brats, with many more options available. We are working with Quality Meats right up the road from us in Foley.

From the day that we drop off our pigs to the day you pick up your processed pork is generally 3-4 weeks. The reason for this is because brining and smoking hams, sausages, etc. takes quite a bit of time. They'll call you directly when your pork is ready and you pay for processing at their shop when you go pick up. 


Now that we have a years worth of data under our belts, I can share some of the examples from last season! We raised 15 pigs for slaughter last season and we had a range of 225-275 pounds hanging. 


The average of all of the pigs we raised was: 262.3 pounds. At $3.50 a pound, it was $918 for that whole pig. For a half of that pig, it was $459. 

Scenarios: 2021 examples

A. The half of a pig weighed 143#, our CSA friend got about 40 pounds smoked meat she said and paid $226 for processing. Their butchering averaged $1.58 per pound.

B. We kept a whole pig last season that was 288# hanging and we paid $475 for processing. We also got a ton of the fun stuff though- smoked bacon (of course), thick sliced sandwich ham, breakfast sausages, pork roasts, ham steaks, a lot of chops, and ribs too! Our price for butchering averaged $1.64 per pound.