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4th of July Delivery Schedule!

This is important. Want to know how the 4th of July is affecting your CSA Share? Are you planning on picking up your CSA Share this week, or will you be out of town?

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Happy Independence Day! It means a lot of different things; fighting for what you believe in, persistence & dedication, thankfulness, & now-a-days spending time with loved ones, appreciating things like grilling & swimming and memories to last a lifetime. To me, it also means FOOD!! It's the one thing all of us Americans can agree on, we gravitate towards food and celebrate around it. I would bet that many of us have potlucks to attend, or cabin fridges to fill up this week. Let's show our loved ones that it doesn't always have to be chips and cookies.

We will be harvesting, washing, packing and delivering your CSA Share this week, but the day of the week and pick up time frame might be different for you depending on which pick up site you chose this season. The complete holiday info is also included on your CSA Member Handbook (that went out in an email prior to our first week's CSA Delivery). I'm going to list the 4th of July info here for easy reference!



-Zimmerman (2-7)

-Brooklyn Park- Champlin (3-7)

-Blaine (3-7)

-Oak Grove (3-7)

-Big Lake- Minnesota Avenue (3-7)

-Big Lake- Farm (3-7)

-Elk River (3-7)

-Ramsey (3-7)


-Creative Kids Academy 3pm

-Lurie, LLP 3pm

-Maple Grove Upsher-Smith 3pm

-Plymouth Upsher-Smith 3pm



-Lakes & Legends Brewing (3-10)

-St. Paul- Laurel Avenue (3-7)

-St. Paul- Hamline Avenue North (3-7)

-Robbinsdale (3-7)


-Mama D's Deli 1pm

-Park Place West 3pm

-Park Place East 3pm

-American Academy of Neurology 3pm

-Farrell's eXtreme Body Shaping 3pm

-Horwitz 3pm

WEDNESDAY: no deliveries.

Happy Independence Day!!



-Rogers (3-7)

-Albertville (3-7)

-Monticello (3-7)


-Danfoss Power Solutions 3pm

-Sherburne County Government Center 2pm

-Daikin Applied 3pm

-U.S. Water 3pm

If you are going to be out of town and want someone else to pick up your CSA Share for you, please make sure they know to look for the box with your last name on it. I can provide the member handbook for anyone who is "substituting" for someone's CSA this week so they know how it all works and have the site specific details.

Another option is donating your CSA Share. Just send me an email and we will make sure it gets to the Food Shelf this week. So far this year (only 2 weeks of CSA Shares so far), we've donated 6 Shares all thanks to YOU!

Please let us know if you're unable to get your CSA Share this week or need help making other arrangements.

Thank you!

~The Farmer's Wife

Call/text: 952-836-5263

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