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What's local?

So what is "local"? This city, this county, state even? The exact definition depends on where you buy your food. For instance, the grocery store, farmer's market & food Co-op have different standards for local.

Our CSA Share Program has different standards for local as well. We have made a pledge to keep all of our CSA pick-up sites within an hour of our farm. This benefits the consumer and farmer in many ways; the produce tastes better because it's fresher, we limit the transportation and air pollution, and by keeping our money and resources local we are contributing to our community with many ripple effects.

As a community, we need to work together to keep our food close to home; it tastes better that way.

We represent our CSA Members and community with pride while we hold ourselves to these high standards. Become part of the time honored connection between grower and eater by Signing up for your CSA Share today!

Local, healthy food for your family & the environment.

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