Becoming a member is easy and convenient with multiple pick up locations.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between our farm and our members. This relationship is supported by us planting many varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs specifically for our members so that we can provide a huge selection of produce all season long. We will provide a “share box” that is full of vegetables, fruits & herbs picked and packed right away so that the produce is as fresh as it can be!

The produce included in the weekly shares will vary; as the season progresses we harvest different varieties of produce. For a complete list of produce, including a list of what was included on each day of the shares during the 2016 season please visit the shares tab. CSA Shares will run from the week of June 19th through October 6th, a total of 16 weeks.

Applying for CSA Share membership is easy, navigate to the Apply Online tab, or download the Printable Application and send it in the mail.


We offer two CSA Share sizes, the Whole Share and the Half Share.

Half Share

Half Share

Whole Share

Whole Share

The half share is a 5/9 bushel box and this is comparable to 1 grocery bag full of produce per week. An average family of 4 will be best suited by a half share box. If you know your family consumes higher than average amounts of fresh produce, the whole share box could be a good idea.

The Whole Share is a 1 1/9 bushel box, most other CSA Farms call this box size the “Giant” or “Jumbo” share because it really is a lot of produce for one family to consume in a week. Most often we see neighbors or colleagues splitting a Whole Share between their 2 families.


It is easy to split the whole box because everything is in multiples of at least 2. So for example in a half share you would receive a half dozen ears of corn whereas a whole share would be a full dozen. In a half share you would receive one watermelon and a whole share you would receive two. More on the produce included in the shares in the Shares tab.


Pick up Sites:

Residential: Open for all to choose!
Please note: Residential locations listed below do not have the complete address because the Pick Up Site is hosted at another member’s home. We send out the exact addresses to members who sign up for the site, or at request.

  • Albertville: Residential. One mile from Main Street, on 49th St NE. Pick up Wednesdays 3:00-8:00.
  • Big Lake: Farm. Near CR 15 CR 43 intersection; 23078 164th Street. Pick up Wednesdays 1:00-7:00.
  • Big Lake: Residential. 1 Block from City Hall; 371 Minnesota Ave. Pick up Wednesdays 1:00-7:00
  • Blaine: Residential. 3mi North of North Town Mall. 107th Ave NE. Pick up Mondays 3:00-7:00.
  • Elk River: Residential. One block from Dairy Queen off of Highway 10; on 4th St NW. Pick up Wednesdays 2:00-7:00.
  • Minneapolis: Residential. Lakes & Legends Brewery. Downtown Minneapolis in the heart of Loring Park. Available for all. Pick up Tuesdays 3:00-10:00.
  • Monticello: Residential. On East River Road. 3 Blocks from Highway 25 and Broadway Intersection. Pick up Wednesdays 3:00-8:00.
  • Otsego: Residential. Halfway between Monticello (6.3 mi) & Otsego (6.2 mi); on Jandel Avenue NE, Otsego. Pick up Wednesdays 3:00-7:00.
  • Oak Grove: Residential. A half mile north of Viking Blvd & Flamingo St NW; on 196th St NW. Pick up Mondays 2:00-7:00.
  • Ramsey: Residential. Less than 1 mile from Highway 10, near the “Links at NorthFork Golf Course”; on Inverness Lane NW. Pick up Wednesdays 2:00-7:00.
  • Robbinsdale: Residential. On York Avenue N. Near Victory Memorial Drive & 36th Ave N cross streets. Pick up Tuesdays 3:00-8:00.
  • Rogers: Residential. 2 Miles from I-94 and Hwy 101 intersection; on Vicki Circle. Pick up Wednesdays 2:30-7:00.
  • St. Paul 1: Residential. On Laurel Ave. Laurel & Fairview cross street. Pick up Tuesdays 2:00-7:00.
  • St. Paul 2: Residential. On Hamline Ave N, Near Hamline University. 1 block from Hamline Ave N & Energy Park Drive. Pick up Tuesdays 2:30-7:00.
  • Zimmerman: Residential. At Hardware Hank; 12860 Fremont Avenue. Pick up Mondays 1:00-7:00.


Private: Pick Up Sites below are open for Employees only.

  • Maple Grove: Upsher-Smith. Available for Employees only. Pick up Thursdays after 2:00PM.
  • Minneapolis: American Academy of Neurology. Available for Employees only. Pick up Tuesdays between 2:00-4:00PM.
  • Minneapolis: Lurie, LLP. Available for Employees only. Pick up Tuesdays after 2:00PM.
  • Minneapolis: U.S. Bancorp Center. Available for Employees only. Pick up Mondays from 2:00-4:00PM.
  • New Hope: Horwitz Mechanical Construction. Available for Employees only. Pick up Thursdays after 1:30PM.
  • New Hope: Farrell’s eXtreme Body Shaping. Available for FXB clients only. 7550 42nd Ave N. Pick up between Tuesday 4:00-7:30PM to Wednesday 4:30-10:30AM.
  • Plymouth:Upsher-Smith. Available for Employees only. Delivery Thursdays by 12:30PM.
  • Plymouth: Daikin Applied. Available for Employees only. Pick up Thursdays after 1:00PM.
  • Rogers: AbeTech. Available for Employees only. Pick up Mondays after 2:00PM.
  • St. Louis Park: Center for Diagnostic Imaging. Available for Employees only. Pick up Tuesdays after 1:00PM.
  • St. Michael: U.S. Water. Available for Employees only. Pick up Wednesdays after 3:00PM.


Pricing: we offer two CSA Share sizes. Our CSA Program is 16 weeks long, covering all of the best Minnesota has to offer.

  • Whole Share: 1 1/9 bushel box (about 2 grocery bags of produce every week) $640.00
  • Half Share: 5/9 bushel box (about 1 grocery bag of produce every week) $415.00

A option for two payment installations is available. The first half of the membership would be due with the application and the second half will be due by May 31st 2017 unless other arrangements are made. If you would like to utilize the payment option, please use the printable application listed above.


What is a “bushel box”?
We use bushel boxes to pack our produce in because they are strong. They are wax covered boxes, so they do not weaken like a normal box would after being used for 16 weeks. It helps the produce have a safe way to travel. The boxes are packed strategically to have everything fit, with the delicate produce on top of course.

Brown Labels

Each box will have a member’s name on the label. Each member will get two brand new boxes in the beginning of the year. The boxes are on a rotation, so when we deliver a box full of produce we will take the empty box from the previous week. Some members choose to bring reusable bags to empty their CSA boxes into, while leaving the CSA box at the drop site to avoid forgetting to return the boxes.

If you forget to return the box, there will not be any penalty. We understand that summertime can get busy and that returning CSA boxes is not always at the top of the priority list.

The sticker above is an example of how our boxes would be labeled if we purchased a CSA share. It includes a small note on the bottom detailing pick up location and share size.


How do I know what is coming in the boxes?

Well, we have a blog. This blog is going to help keep our members up to date on what is happening at the farm. The weekly newsletter is posted to the blog during the season. It will start with what is happening on the farm, then list the produce that we expect to harvest in the following week. It will also include the vegetable of the week and corresponding recipes. One really important part to the weekly newsletter is detailing how to keep each variety fresh once you take your box home, this will also include tips on how to store extra produce for the winter (freezing, canning & drying herbs).



Want to have Brown Family Farm deliver to your work?

We are always adding new drop sites. The process is simple: contact us.

We will come out and present out CSA model to you and fellow employees so that everyone understands everything there is to know about CSA Shares. It is free of charge for a business to offer our CSA Shares to their employees. We will come out and present out farm practices & CSA Model, and deliver the CSA boxes all season long free of charge to the hosting business. The only compensation we receive is from the employees that we are growing produce for.

If we are delivering to your workplace, it is a “closed” drop site. This means that only employees will be able to utilize your site, no outsiders will be able to come into your building to pick up.

FAQ: Is there a minimum number of shares that you require to deliver to any business?
A: No. We don’t have a minimum requirement to deliver to a location. When we commit to growing produce for a business & their employees, we follow through.


Want to have Brown Family Farm deliver to your home?

We are always adding new pick up sites. Hosting a pick up site at your home means that you would never have to leave your house to pick up your weekly delivery of fresh produce! There is also a discount to your membership cost if you host a pick up site. Discounts start at a standard percentage and then increase by the number of members that choose to pick up at your home.

If you are interested in learning about these discounts please contact us.

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