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We've got options for you.

We offer two CSA Share sizes, the Half Share and the Whole Share. Each of the CSA Share options are delivered weekly for 16 weeks.


$430 for 5/9th bushel box.  An average family of 3-4 will be best suited by a half share box, which is comparable to 1 brown grocery bag full of produce each 

 About 85% of our CSA Members choose the Half Share size.


$700 for 1 1/9th bushel box. It is exactly twice the amount of produce that the half share contains, about 2 brown grocery bags full of produce each week. We suggest the whole share for a large family of about 6-8.

About 85 % of our CSA Members choose the Half Share size. The remaining 15% choose the Whole Share size knowing that their family consumes a higher than average amount of fresh produce, or they have a large family. 

Individuals & small families sometimes split their CSA Share with another person or family. This could be each partner alternating weeks of pick-up, or splitting the box contents in half each week. If you're splitting your CSA Share with another person or family, list their name and email addresses (optional) in the Membership form for them to be included in any communications with the farm, including the weekly farm newsletter that lists the produce to expect for the following week, storage tips and recipes.

Customized payment plans are available at request, contact for more information.

E X A M P L E S   O F   P R E V I O U S   S E A S O N S 



One of the best ways to get a better idea of what to expect is to look at previous seasons of our CSA Program. While we make small adjustments from season to season to reflect our Member's preferences, the majority of our harvest schedule stays consistent from year to year. 

Here is a link to a gallery with a picture of each week's CSA Share box contents. (All pictures are the Half Share size). Looking at the Gallery from previous seasons will show you what to expect this season. 


We use USDA Food Grade boxes for your CSA Shares. They are wax covered boxes, so they do not weaken like a normal box would after 16 weeks of use. It helps the produce have a safe way to travel while offering  the greatest amount of food safety to our Members.

Each box will have a Member’s name on the label. Each Member will get two brand new boxes in the beginning of the year. The boxes are on a rotation, so when we deliver a box full of produce we will take the empty box from the previous week. Some Members choose to bring reusable bags to empty their CSA boxes into, while leaving the CSA box at the pick up site to avoid forgetting to return it.

If you forget to return the box, there will not be any penalty. We understand that summertime can get busy and that returning CSA boxes is not always at the top of the priority list. If you have disposed of your CSA boxes and need new boxes with custom labels, there will be a fee to cover the replacement box.

This sticker is an example of how our boxes would be labeled if Ben & I purchased a CSA Share and picked up in Elk River. It is a large 3x4 inch label and includes our contact information as well, so if anyone ever has questions we are easy to reach!

W H A T   I F   Y O U   C A N 'T   P I C K   U P?

We have a few options for you. The first option is keeping your delivery as scheduled and offering it to someone else to pick up. If you choose this option, we don't need to be notified of the change. Please make sure to explain how it works to them, so they know to take the CSA Share labeled with your last name.


The second option is changing your delivery site for that week’s delivery. If you are offering the share to someone who doesn’t live nearby, you can choose from one of our other 15 residential sites to have the share delivered to; that way it’s more convenient for whomever is getting your share that week. We need to know about a week in advance if you'd like to change the delivery site.


The final option is offering your CSA Share for donation to the food shelf. It is disassembled at the food shelf so more than one family benefits from that produce, and is delivered in addition to the normal amount of produce we donate on a weekly basis. These donated shares either go to the Big Lake Food Shelf (more frequently) or to the Community Aid Elk River (CAER) Food Shelf.