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Built with passion, education and good ol' fashioned hard work.



Our mission is to provide our customers with a large variety of high quality, locally grown produce and heritage pork products. 



We aspire to produce supreme quality, freshness and flavor in our produce through paying close attention to the minerals and fertility of our soil. 


We practice many sustainable farming methods such as use of cover crops, using natural composted manure by the trailer load across the fields, and laying T-tape irrigation. To see more about our growing practices, follow this link

We were recently certified by the State of Minnesota for our land stewardship.

We received the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification. 

"Through this program, the public received assurance that certified producers are using conservation practices to protect Minnesota's lakes, rivers and streams."

We are proud to do right by our family, our customers & our farmland.  

O U R   R O O T S 

We are Ben & Jodi Brown, owners and operators of Brown Family Farm. We are a first generational farm, meaning that our parents were not farmers; we did not take over a previously established farm operation. We started our own farm which made this journey a little more bumpy, but very rewarding. 

When you start your own farm and watch it grow from the ground up (pun intended) you have a special appreciation of the plants, our CSA Members, the soil and land we farm & the many seasonal changes around us.

O U R   S T Y L E 

The "Crop Share" or CSA style of farming is still a fairly new concept, but we immediately knew that it was totally our style. It reflects a little of both of us. Ben perseveres, he is consistent and you can count on him. He is the silent partner in our farm. He is the brains behind the planting, maintenance and harvest of the plants. I'm Jodi; I am definitely not the silent partner. I am creative, I love learning new recipes, I have an attention to detail & trying new things. I believe that this style of farming will best fit our family because it is a little bit of both us!


2024 CSA Season will be our 13th year offering veggie shares. We started in 2012 with only 18 CSA members and are now offering fresh produce Shares to hundreds of local families!!

We are the only family farm out there that can say we harvest 95% of our produce specifically for our CSA Shares. We are committed to our CSA Families!!

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