• I understand that if I sign up for an "Add on Share" and I'm not a CSA Member, I will be refunded the purchase price minus the service charge. Either the processing fee or a fee of $15 dollars, whichever is less. 

  • I understand that Brown Family Farm will be posting their weekly updates to their blog and this is how I will be notified of predicted upcoming box contents along with all other farm updates and information. Your email address listed on this application will automatically be added to the blog subscription list. Please watch for a confirmation email to follow shortly. We recommend you stay in touch with the blog, but you can opt out at any time.

  •  Returning boxes each week in our rotation is highly appreciated. If you forget your CSA Box, we will use an extra one to pack your Share into. If we need to replace your CSA Boxes because they're ripped/ falling apart or disposed of, you agree to paying a $5 fee to cover the customized label & brand new box.  

  •  I understand that it is my responsibility to pick up my share from my pick up site within the time frame described by Brown Family Farm. I also understand that if I cannot pickup my share, I am responsible to arrange for someone of my choosing to pick up my share. If my share is not retrieved within the pick-up time frame on my delivery day (specific to each site) I authorize that I am forfeiting my share for that week.

  • I understand the shared risks of farming. In the case of a crop being damaged or failing Brown Family Farm will do their best to replace that crop with other quality vegetables from the farm that are ready for harvest at that time.

  • CSA Shares are shared- risk and shared- reward, I understand the foundation of a CSA Farm and by submitting my Membership I agree to accept whatever produce is provided. 

  • I understand the size of CSA Share I am choosing to purchase and what amount of produce that entails.

  • We take the safety of your food very seriously; we care for the produce initially. For your own protection, you are agreeing to wash all contents of your box before consuming any produce or share box contents.

  • I understand that I am agreeing to pay the membership fee for the share amount I have indicated above and that it is nonrefundable. I understand that once a membership is accepted that there is no possibility of partial or complete refunds.

  •  I understand and accept the farming practices of Brown Family Farm.

  •  I understand that if I sign up for CSA Share delivery at a business location that I must be an employee of that company. I understand that if my pick up site is no longer available for any reason, that I can choose any other residential site to pick up from; refunds will not be offered.

  • I understand that if I choose a customized payment plan, I can create my own billing schedule as long as the CSA Share is paid in full prior to May 31st 2022.

  • I understand that if I take someone else's share I will be charged $50 which would include the replacement produce & delivery for the member I took the share from.


Brown Family Farm accepts online payments or checks for CSA Memberships. Click on the product in the Membership tab and "add to cart" then when you're ready to check out click the cart button and it'll bring you to preview a list of all the shares you want this season. Once reviewed, there is an option to purchase on our website.


  We offer payment plans for CSA Shares, if you’d like to find out more about the personalized plans, reach out to Jodi@brownfamilyproduce.com.