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2023 Membership

You are in the right spot!


Thank you for your interest in our CSA program! 

We have a huge season ahead of us & are happy to have your consideration.


We are currently only selling Shares to our Returning Members & we start accepting New Members on Feb 15th!! 


If you add your name to the email list below I will send you the invite to sign up on Feb 15th as soon as it's open!

That way, you'll be notified as soon as you're able to sign up. CSA Membership is first come, first serve, so please make sure you're looking for my email on February 15th with the special sign-up link. 


We look forward to being in touch!


We would love to grow for you again this coming season! 

We start accepting Memberships from Returning Members on January 1st. You'll have the whole month to sign up for whatever you want! We will also have the Fall Share, Apple Share & Honey Shares available for purchase at the same time.  

The way it works is that I will send you an email January 1st announcing that we are selling our Shares for 2023. There will be a link in that email to our CSA sign up page. You won't be able to sign up for your CSA unless you have the special link from me! (*This is how we make sure that only returning members sign up first). 

If you landed on this page hoping to sign up, please check the email I sent for the link or simply shoot me an email at

For your interest in our CSA Program. 

We would be happy to grow for you in the future!!
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