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Thank you for your interest in our CSA program. I am sorry to share that we have sold out for the 2023 season. We would love to have you join us when we have availability!


Please enter your email below if you're interested in being contacted when we have CSA openings available.


If we aren't able to get you into our 2023 CSA, you will be given access to our special enrollment period so you get first dibs in 2024! 

Want first dibs on our CSA availability? 

We'll be in touch!


Thank you for signing up this season with us! Many of you are Returning Members from previous seasons and personal referrals from our existing CSA Members. Some of you are brand new with us this season- and I can't wait to show you what we're up to over here at Brown Family Farm!

If you've already signed up for a CSA, you are able to sign up for the Add-On Shares that we have listed below. We sell our Add-on Shares through the end of August. So anytime between right now and August 31st, you'll be able to sign up for whatever Shares you'd like in addition to your normal CSA! The Honey, Apples and Fall Share are scheduled and delivered during the normal CSA season. 

Honey is delivered twice throughout the year. Mid- July and also again at the end of the season. Apples are delivered during week 14, which will be the week of Sept.18th this season. The Fall Shares are delivered over a two week period; the last two weeks of the season. So those will come alongside your normally scheduled CSA Shares the week of Sept. 25th and Oct. 2nd 2023.

All of the exact dates and plenty of reminders will be sent throughout the summer and fall, and those who sign up for the Add-ons will also get special email reminders from me when the deliveries are approaching!


We sell Add-ons through the end of August (but they're only available for CSA Members, so we never run out).

We're hopeful for another bountiful season full of fresh veggies, laughs in the kitchen and tasty creations ahead! 


The Food Shelf Shares listed above are unique because this is a way you can contribute to a CSA that we deliver directly to the Food Shelf for them to distribute. We have $20 increments here available to purchase 2 Jumbo Shares. Ben & I match your donations! So we actually donate 4 Jumbo Shares every week, all summer! Last year we donated 5,848 pounds to the CAER food shelf in Elk River. Click the product above if you're interested in seeing more info on how that works.

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Every CSA Member will get the MEMBER HANDBOOK which is specific to your CSA Pick up site. The topics on the front page are listed. Things like "What to expect on your first pick up", "Box Rotations", "Holiday Schedules", "What happens if you can't pick up", etc. 

We send out the Member Handbook in March. We'll send it out again before the season starts, along with your Farm to Table Storage Guide!

The Guide will include tips on storage, how to utilize every part of every plant, how to process them for freezing, drying herbs, along with tons of fun info and suggestions on how to prepare and enjoy all your fresh produce this season! 

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