**Fall Storage Share

**Fall Storage Share


The Fall Storage Share is intended for Members who want to keep produce into the off-season.


We will include varieties that keep well, including Winter Squash (many varieties), Russet Potatoes, Dried Onions, Red Potatoes, Carrots and Beets. In total, you'll recieve two Whole Share sized boxes (1 1/9th bushel box), filled with produce that keeps well. 


**NEW for 2021: We are adding a one pound container of honey for CSA Members who sign up by July 31st!! This honey is harvested on our farm. It's as natural, local & sweet as honey could ever be!


The Storage Share is split between two deliveries. Both of the last two weeks of the CSA Season you'll recieve a Whole Share sized box full of storage crops (in addition to your normally scheduled CSA Share).