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For our CSA Members Only


These 3 Add-ons are the original Add-ons that we started with 5 years ago. Apples straight from the orchard, a Fall Share packed with enough produce to carry most families into winter, and the Honey Shares which are a fun treat to buy or share as a gift. 

These are available for our CSA Members to purchase and have delivered alongside their Shares during the normal Season. Honey Shares, Apple Shares & Fall Shares will all come out in the fall, during the last 4 weeks of the season. 

The buttons below will bring you to the original Add-on Shares descriptions. To purchase an Add-on please navigate to the Membership page.

Signing up for these Add-ons will be available on our Membership page when you sign up for your CSA. They'll also be available to sign up for into the summer months, with an August 31st deadline.

 Check out our Add-on Options Below! 

Picked Red Apples


The freshest Apples straight from the orchard, literally.


The Apple Share is a heck of a deal for fresh from the orchard apples. And better even, they're delivered alongside your CSA Share so you don't need to do anything special to get your Apple Share!

2024: We are planning to deliver Apple Shares during week 14 of our CSA season, which would be the week of Sept 14th alongside your normal CSA share. Just like everything else on the farm, these are weather dependent. We will make sure to send you email updates as it approaches.

Don't worry about forgetting about your Apple Share because we will send you an email reminder prior to their delivery!

The Apple Share is $60 for the 5/9th bushel box full of Honey Crisp Apples (about 20 pounds). Every CSA Member will receive a handful Honey Crisps in their normal CSA, but the Apple Shares come in handy if you want more!



This is a good amount of variety and quantity of all the root crops! 


Our Share Members have requested additional storage produce in the fall to help get them into the beginning of winter with locally sourced fresh produce. Our Storage Share, consisting of produce that will keep for weeks or even months into the winter if stored correctly, is available for any of our CSA Members!


The Fall Storage Share costs $115 and is a delivery of a 1 1/9th Bushel Box for 2 consecutive weeks (the same size box as the Jumbo Share).

It will include:

~45 pounds Variety of Winter Squashes

~10 pounds Russet Potatoes

~10 pounds Dried Onions

~10 pounds Carrots

~7 pounds Beets

~10 pounds Red Potatoes

Each Storage Share will also come with a handy guide to the produce that will be included. Many CSA Members store produce throughout the season as well. We provide instructions throughout the season for blanching and freezing produce, and drying herbs in our weekly blog newsletter & also the Farm to Table Storage Guide.


Fall Storage Shares will be delivered during the last 2 weeks of the season alongside your CSA. In 2023, it'll be the weeks of Sept 25th & October 2nd.



Fresh from the farm



100% natural raw honey! Pure; nothing is added and nothing is taken out. The way nature intended it to be!

We are working with Red Hive Honey (Foley, MN) to bring their high-quality tasty honey to you in the form of an Add-on package through our CSA!

Ben & I don't personally keep bees, but we're happy to support the endeavors of our neighbors and we end up with the best tasting, local, FRESH honey possible!! 

We have two add-on packages available. 

Honey Staples_edited.jpg
Honey Enthusiast.jpg



Follow the link below to be routed to our Membership Page where you can sign up for your CSA and your Add-ons. Please note that these Add-ons are only available for our CSA Members. If you're interested in getting bulk produce at the end of the year and you don't want to get the weekly CSA Boxes, you could visit our Farm Stand at Hardware Hank in Zimmerman, or you could visit us at our Fall Sale in October!

I've got a whole page devoted to our Fall Sale, follow the link below if you want to check that out. There is a email list there that we suggest getting signed up for. That way, you'll get a few emails leading up to the Fall Sale with reminders and announcements about what we'll have available. We'd love to stay in touch!! 



Raised here at the farm with free choice grain & fresh veggies


We raise a handful of hogs here at our farm every summer. The quality of our pork is reflective of their lifestyle. We don't use antibiotics, hormones or vaccines on our livestock. By raising them as naturally as possible, our customers benefit by having the best tasting pork on their table at the end of the day! We sell our hogs as halves and wholes. We bring them into a local butcher shop and they call you to get your custom processing instructions.

We raise a variety of breeds, and they're generally always crossbred. There is a reason for that, it makes for great pork! When you hear about some of these strong lineages with desirable pork, berkshires, hampshires, durocs, red waddles, etc. they are all known for different strong suites and each one brings something wonderful to the table. They have great marbling, long loins, and a great meat to fat ratio!

In the spring of 2024, we will announce our butchering dates to our current customers. Mid-March (or so) when I know what availability we have, I will reach out to our email list (below) with dates, and more info! We recommend getting on the email list for our halves & wholes so you have first dibs when the time comes!

We have also added a Hog Share option for our customers. It's a larger variety of products but in smaller quantities. We started offering these Hog Shares just this winter and expect to offer them again next Fall. If we have any available, they'll be on our Membership Page. If we don't have any available, we suggest getting on our email list below. 

Please add your email into the waiting list below. These folks will be the first to know about ALL availability! Buying Whole & Half Hogs in 2024 or our New 1/5th Hog Shares later this summer/fall- this email list will get all the details first. 

If you'd like to read more about how we raise our hogs, the pricing, some of the butchering options and more, please follow the link below to our Pork Page.

Be the first to know! Pork Availability

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