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We work with other local farms and orchards to offer our Members more value.

In addition to our CSA Shares, we offer our Members a convenient connection with other local farmers and producers. 


To purchase any "Add-ons" you must be a CSA Member. Any additional purchases will be delivered alongside your CSA Share. We will notify you via email prior to your additional delivery.


We started offering the Fall Shares during the 2019 season as a result of Member Requests and the feedback has been wonderful!!

Our Share Members have requested additional storage produce in the fall to help get them into the beginning of winter with locally sourced fresh produce. Last season, many of our Members purchased additional squash, carrots and potatoes for example. This season, we are going to offer a Storage Share, consisting of produce that will keep for weeks or even months into the winter if stored correctly. 

It will include:

~40 pounds Variety of Winter Squashes

~10 pounds Russet Potatoes

~10 pounds Dried Onions

~10 pounds Carrots

~7 pounds Beets

~10 pounds Red Potatoes

Each Storage Share will also come with a handy guide to the produce that will be included. Many CSA Members store produce throughout the season as well, and we provide instructions throughout the season for blanching and freezing produce, and drying herbs in our Blog Newsletter.

Of course part of the charm to purchasing a Storage Share is getting a lot more for your money. We sell bushels of squash and root crops to the grocery store for over 25% more than what our CSA Members are paying. 

The Fall Storage Share is $95 and is a delivery of a 1 1/9th Bushel Box for 2 consecutive weeks (the same size box as the Jumbo Share).


We work with Mike & Julie Brown of HoneyComb Acres in Elk River.  Ironically, we aren't related but we share our last name. Mike had been coming out to the farm for a few years, getting a giant box of cabbage for making kraut. One conversation led to the other and now we are lucky enough to be hosting their colonies in several farm fields and locations! This is small town Minnesota at it's finest, making relationships locally to benefit everyone involved.

We are SO THANKFUL to have them out at the farm this season with their bees, almost every single variety of produce has flowers that need to be pollinated. Without the bees, there would be no farm. They are tiny, but play a giant role in our food systems.

Purchasing this 100% natural raw honey is a great way to support local pollinators and bee keepers continue in their efforts to maintain healthy populations of honey bees. 


We have a couple Honey offerings this season!

Option 1: 24 ounce jar of honey & a 1 pound creamed honey container $25

Option 2: (2) 16 ounce jars of honey, (2) 9 oz hex jars creamed honey & (20) Honey Sticks $40


We have been working with Apple Jack's Orchard of Delano for several years now. As soon as the Honey Crisp apples are in season, we drive to their orchard and pick up fresh apples for our Members.

It's a heck of a deal (about $2.50 per pound) for fresh from the orchard apples. And better even, they're delivered alongside your CSA Share so it's almost like a farm fresh delivery service.


They are harvested and delivered either the last week of September or the first week of October. Don't worry about 'forgetting' about your Apple Share because we will send you an email reminder prior to their delivery.

The Apple Share is $50 for the 5/9th bushel box full of Honey Crisp Apples (about 25 pounds).


One pint of Maple Syrup. We tapped over 150 trees in Big Lake & Elk River, collected sap and cooked it down over wood heat to produce 100% pure Maple Syrup for our CSA Members. 


We use a professional filter press to filter the syrup and a hydrometer to test density;  it's a beautiful science resulting in sweetness unmatched by any other naturally occuring sugar. 


It's also all natural, and full of minerals and vitamins otherwise unavailable to us in these densities. 


Fun Fact: It takes 5 GALLONS of sap to create this 1 PINT of syrup! 


**You must be a CSA Member to be eligible to purchase the syrup add on.