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Fall Tokens


You're in the right place!


We grow a lot of extra produce so we can offer you with bulk quantities to go into the winter with! 

This Fall Sale all started a couple seasons ago when we realized after we gleaned the fields that we had quite a bit to offer. So we posted on Facebook and invited folks out to come fill up their own bushels of squash. We had an assortment of different produce varieties as well. 



That was so well received that we decided to offer an even bigger sale in 2022. We also had our honey, our homemade jams and salsas, some apparel and TONS of extra produce. We're selling in whatever quantiy folks wanted. We were selling one head of cabbage at a time, and we were selling bushels/ 50 pounds at a time. The point is, this is designed for everyone!! 



When you arrive at the farm here. PICTURE OF THE FARM

You'll notice that we don't have a parking lot but we do have a fair amount of parking space available! Pull in the driveway and park to the left. You'll see it- it's obvious when you get here. 

We are going to have our entire shed cleared out again and have tables running along the outside edges. Last year in 2022 we had 10- 8 foot long tables and that wasn't enough space for everything!

We set everything out in trays so you can browse like you're at a farmer's market. One tray of carrots is $3 for example, it's a couple pounds. Right next to that table you'll see big boxes full of carrots, and those were $16 for about 18 pounds. We can sell anything in any quantity! 

Ben and I will be walking around helping folks check out and get stuff to their car. 

With the squash, we've got a pretty unique set up in that you get to pick whatever squash you want! Some folks want smaller squashes because they don't want leftovers, some folks want giant squashes because they're making up a big batch of baby food, it's really all about individual preference. Plus, as consumers ourselves we know it's nice to pick what we want! 

We will have all of the squash out in the driveway and garage. Gaylords will be set up in a row along the outside edge of the area and you're welcome to grab a box and fill it up with whatever kinds of squash you want. We grow acorn, buttercup (green and orange), butternut, sweet dumpling, carnival and spaghetti squash. Last season we also had all of our pie pumpkins in there too- so mix & match and of the squash and it was $30 a box. 

We were joking that it's like a game of tetris folks- fit as many as you can possible fit in that box!! And honestly, the box doesn't even need to close. That's part of the reason we run this sale at the end of the year- you're helping take away some surplus and we're giving you a great bargain! 



All of our CSA Members will be notified via email with our normal communications. If you're not in our CSA, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram so we can stay in touch!!

I also added a new email list SPECIFICALLY for this Farm Sale! So you won't get marketing emails about pork just because you signed up for the Farm Sale.


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