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This is a good amount of variety and quantity of all the root crops! 


Our Share Members have requested additional storage produce in the fall to help get them into the beginning of winter with locally sourced fresh produce. Our Storage Share, consisting of produce that will keep for weeks or even months into the winter if stored correctly, is available for any of our CSA Members!


The Fall Storage Share costs $115 and is a delivery of a 1 1/9th Bushel Box for 2 consecutive weeks (the same size box as the Jumbo Share).

It will include:

~45 pounds Variety of Winter Squashes

~10 pounds Russet Potatoes

~10 pounds Dried Onions

~10 pounds Carrots

~7 pounds Beets

~10 pounds Red Potatoes

Each Storage Share will also come with a handy guide to the produce that will be included. Many CSA Members store produce throughout the season as well. We provide instructions throughout the season for blanching and freezing produce, and drying herbs in our weekly blog newsletter & also the Farm to Table Storage Guide.


Fall Storage Shares will be delivered during the last 2 weeks of the season alongside your CSA. In 2023, it'll be the weeks of Sept 25th & October 2nd.



We grow a lot of extra produce so we can offer you with bulk quantities to go into the winter with! Again, this is only for CSA Members.

Some people choose to buy the Fall Share (shown above). The nice thing about the Fall Share is that it's smaller quantities of more varieties of produce. 

Below we have some other options for you. We started offering this last season (2022) because we had folks requesting larger quantities of singular varieties. For example, instead of the 10 pounds of red potatoes that come with the Fall Share, we also sell an entire box full of just red potatoes. That's appx 26 pounds per box (I know, because I weighed everything)!

**This is the only Add-On sale that won't be available to purchase until later this season when we see what surpluses we have available. Below is just an example of the store we had set up last year.


When the time comes, we will send out a link to an online store where our CSA Members can select which bulk quantities they'd like. We'll accept orders for a week or two and then deliver all of your bulk produce orders alongside your normally scheduled CSA. 

BULK PAGE screen shit.png

If you've made it this far you understand that we have options to connect you with the best and most appropriate amount of fall harvest crops for your household!

First, we offer the Fall Share. It's two bushels boxes of fall crops and it's got more varieties but smaller quantities. 

Second, if you want large quantities- the Fall Surplus Sale that I explained above will be a great option for you. Just select online which varieties you want, and it'll be delivered with your normally scheduled CSA Share! 

Third, we have one last option for you. The Farm Sale! That's exactly what it sounds like. We open up the farm here (at our house) for one weekend a season. It's usually the second weekend in October and we go out into the field and harvest the last of everything; gleaning the fields.


I created a whole separate webpage for this event because it is available to the public as well. It's the only time we sell produce to folks who aren't in our CSA and it's also the only time we sell produce from the farm like this too! 

Some folks in our CSA want to wait until the Farm Sale to get their extra veggies, which is totally fine, but we can't reserve anything because of the logistics of it. We will have the sale here for 2 days and during that time we will have everything we've got out for sale! That's produce of course, homemade canned salsas and jams, honey and apples in bulk, eggs, and shhhhh, but this year we're going to have PORK FOR SALE BY THE CUT. 

To read more about the Farm Sale here in Oak Park, visit the link below. 


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