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Last night we got hail.

Fairly large hail, and about 2 inches of rain in a half hour last night.

I have taken some pictures of the fields. It looks like 1/3 fields didn't get hail but that one has the most standing water right now. The other 2/3 fields show significant damage, we will continue to assess the situation and provide updates on the produce as soon as we can.

It's just one punch after the other this season. Please know we will continue to do everything we can to support the plants that are still in the field. I worry about disease because the plants have large holes and broken stems, but only time will tell.

The swiss chard for the shares this week is shredded, so that won't be included anymore. If we had anything else to replace it with we would, but the other greens got hit hard too and nothing else is ready.

We will keep you updated.

~The Farmer's wife

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