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Contributions from a Dietitian

Hello All! I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name’s Sara Lahti, I am a Registered Dietitian who will be contributing to the Brown Family Farm blog this season. I’m looking forward to a great growing season and sharing some great information with you in regard to the produce you receive this year from both a nutrition perspective and the kitchen. A little about me. As I said, I’m a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. I obtained my bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Go Big Red!) and my Master’s in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota. I currently work as a Clinical Dietitian with Allina Health at both Buffalo and Cambridge Hospitals and with CentraCare Health at St. Cloud Hospital providing nutrition support and diet education to the patients. I also run my own part-time consulting business (Sisu Nutrition Consulting), focusing on sports and nutrition counseling. I transitioned back into clinical nutrition after spending several years in food service as a Food Service Director for senior living facilities. I love to cook and bake and only wish I had an industrial kitchen of my own.

I was excited when Jodi reached out for additional help in writing the blog this summer as I have a strong interest in fresh, local foods. In addition to my nutrition degree, I studied agronomy and horticulture in Nebraska and worked with the UofM Extension as a Master Gardener in the Twin Cities for three years. When I’m not working I love to spend time with my husband and our two young children, Noah (18 months) and Ruth (3 months). I love to cook, bake and work in my garden. I also enjoy running and hiking and my kids have taken on the role of training buddies, riding along with me as I work towards finishing my 7th marathon this fall.

I look forward to sharing delicious recipes with everyone, and a little bit of nutrition information too, this summer!

-Sara Lahti MS, RD, LD

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