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OOH it finally feels like spring is coming!

Today we have some great weather lined up- a bit windy but we will be ice fishing all day because we haven't had the warmth or the sunshine, in sooo long!!

A couple of updates. We finalized our purchase agreement on the house in Oak Park!! That means that as long as the sale of our current home and their home purchase goes as planned, we will be in the house by the end of April. We literally have it written in the agreement that 'we need to be in by the spring planting season' hahaha!

This is a picture of the barn and silo, the house is off to the right. You'll be able to see it better when you come visit!!


We have had a TON of people sign up for the "single" share. I am overwhelmed at the popularity of the smaller size! I do think it's great seeing that there are a lot of folks who would have otherwise not been able to participate being able to sign up this season. We did put a limit on the number of Single shares because we have our growing agenda planned out already. There are only 16 single shares left, so if you or your friends are interested in those please let them know that they won't be available much longer. Of course we still have plenty of Family Shares and Jumbo Shares too!


This weekend I attended a Food Regulation workshop through the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, the U of M, and our local Sustainable Farming Association chapter. Wow, that's a mouth-full!

The whole programming was based on food production on farms, whether that be milk, produce, meat, even foraging for wild edible flowers on your farm, EVERYTHING has a regulation or licensing requirement (even dog bones!). I understand some farmers get frustrated with all the rules and strict guidelines.. but I don't.

I think that the regulations are there to protect all of us. And most of all protect the integrity of local foods. If people were getting sick from eating locally, how often do you think you'd choose to purchase chicken at the farmer's market? Not very often if their risk was higher for the same product that they could get at a regular store. We have a lot of laws to follow, and we are happy to embrace them!

The whole point is- I went to this voluntary seminar to make sure we are completely within the realm of safe food practices, which we are. This is providing you a better value within our CSA Shares, because you know that we are thorough and we are totally up to date with what's happening in the farming world.


The final update to share with you, next week is National CSA Day!

On February 28th, farmers and consumers across the United States are celebrating CSA Day. It is meant to recognize local farmers and initiatives to connect with our neighbors. More CSA Members sign up on February 28th than any other day in the year, according to Small Farm Central (a collaborative). Consider signing up for your CSA Share this week to support the season's start up costs.

Looking forward to more updates for you soon!!

Thank you!!

~ The Farmer's Wife

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The Farmer's Wife
The Farmer's Wife
23 de fev. de 2020

We would love to grow for you!! To join any of the CSA options, visit our website under the become a member tab. That page has the options for sizes; select the single share and then it'll ask for your pick up site and some contact information. Once you 'submit' it, the page will redirect to our payment screen which gives you an option to pay with paypal or use a debit/credit card (without requiring you to make an account). If you have questions or would like to set up a payment plan, please send me an email at Thank you for your consideration!! The actual website link is


23 de fev. de 2020

How do I sign up to order a single share??

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