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Registered Dietitian Insight

Hey guys! I am super excited to announce a partnership with Kristen. She is a local Registered Dietitian (RD) who has a huge understanding of the food we eat! It's not all about the nutritional values either- there is a lot to healthy eating that doesn't come in the form of calories and carbs. It's a lot about being mindful, making choices, and using all the information we have at hand to make decisions that are good for ourselves & our families!

We are so happy to have her insight into the hows & whys of produce. The technical information that is super helpful but also approachable for all of us. I have really enjoyed seeing her blogs and think you will too! I will be posting every few weeks with more insight from Kristen and sharing her posts to our blog newsletter & face book page when available under "Kristen's Kitchen!"

A little more about her background and passions- Kristen is a born and raised Minnesotan, mom of two, wife, and has a passion for living a nourished life. She completed her undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics at the College of Saint Benedict, and went on to Iowa State University where she competed her internship. She has been a registered dietitian and practicing nutrition for just over 6 years with her most current role in public health.

She is a foodie, meaning she really, really, really loves food, makes sense, right? All food fits is her motto, but especially food that makes her feel best! She enjoys practicing no “food rules”, intuitive eating, and is passionate about helping others discover the joy of eating, especially those locally sourced foods. Through the years with job and life changes, her food philosophy has continued to develop and she has been able to deepen her understanding toward the meaning of living a healthy lifestyle. She knows it can be overwhelming at times to navigate through food and nutrition misconceptions, meal time challenges, and media driven claims, that leave you feeling like you have completely failed at making the “right” choices.

“Having confidence in nutrition, and eating well, helps all of us to feel and perform our best”, she states. When we do that, habits become rooted and it is easier to obtain our nutrition goals. Understandably so, food is also so much more than fuel for our bodies, it is a connection to others, yourself, and the community. This is an important aspect, as food brings people together, and with social distancing aside (one day), we will be able to have those connections again!

When she is not practicing nutrition, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, husband, being active outdoors, and LOVES to cook. Just this year she also started her own garden, teaching her daughter the importance of nutrition through growing her own foods. There is nothing like walking out to the garden and picking a fresh tomato off the vine!

Throughout this season, Kristen will be posting an array of different topics and concepts related to food and nutrition, hoping to provide a clear connection between foods, our health, and the community!

We look forward to providing this window into the professional world Kristen can share with us about eating with intentions, creativity and purpose!


~The Farmers' Wife

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