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This is your solution.

You want to eat healthier this season? But then start thinking about all of our obligations, to our families, to our spouses, to our kids, colleagues, vacations planned, and more.

It's easy to get overwhelmed about the time it takes to maintain a healthy, full garden. It is a FULL TIME job, believe us!!

CSA Shares are one way to 'take it off your plate', although really we will would be pitting it on your plate!!!

Ben & I specialize in CSA Shares for a reason. We both have college degrees, and I used to work for the DNR (wonder why I walked away from a state job with benefits?) It's simple. This was our calling. We didn't know it when we were in college, as most youngsters don't, but we learned really quick when we started our family knowing that we wanted more.

The only way we could grow everything we wanted for our family was to make this a full time operation, hence the CSA Share program came to be! Now we can grow everything we want and more all with the support of our CSA Families.

We give you storage tips to keep your produce fresh, recipes so you can find some new ideas for how to prepare produce, and we can deliver anything alongside your CSA Share if you want extras or something special. It's just us, Ben & Jodi. We have one number & email and we will actually answer it.

PS. If you haven't signed up for your Share, the deadline is approaching! We have about 5 weeks until you have your first delivery of fresh produce in your hands!

Flash back to the first week of CSA Shares last season!

Looking forward to a wonderful growing season together,

Thank you!

~The Farmer's Wife

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