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What happened to the dill?

Hello everyone,

It's been raining since last night and our fields are happy that they're finally getting a good solid rain. Some of the produce really likes the rain, and some doesn't. The melons and peppers really like the rain, the plants can sometimes grow overnight following a good rain. Tomatoes and cabbages however, are not big fans of rain like this because at this time of the season it can affect the flavor of the fruit and cabbages can actually burst open from too much rain.

In this case, the dill is so saturated right now that they're starting to fall over, instead of being the solid tall stems that they were on Friday (when we decided to add them into the shares this week) they are wilted, soft flimsy flowers.

Unfortunately, the dill won't be making a come-back in time to be harvested and added into CSA Shares this week. I apologize about any inconvenience here, I know some of us plan our menus around the CSA Share and what produce we receive every week.

This is a good teaching moment with CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) Shares. Most of the time you'll witness the bounty of one variety or another, but in rare instances (like solid rain for almost 24 hours now) we do run into cases like this where the fields and plants don't produce as expected.

Looking forward to the upcoming weeks together, we still have a lot to share with you!!

Thank you,

~The Farmer's Wife

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