CSA Single Share

CSA Single Share


NEW for 2020! The Single Share is recommended for 1-2 adults or seniors. 


The Single Share will be packed into 1/2 bushel boxes, and it will be about half full (very comparable to a Quarter Bushel)​. There is no such thing as a quarter bushel sized box, so we are using the 1/2 bu. size box and filling it half full. 

The Single Shares will receive the same amount of fruits as the Family Share so you won't miss out on Strawberries, Apples, Blueberries or Melons!


There will be weeks that you don't get every variety of produce that we include in the Family & Jumbo Shares. There are some produce varieties that are large, and we won't cut anything in half. So we will have to choose what to include and what to exclude during the weeks with larger produce items. 


I don't have any pictures available because this is the first year, so the images shown above are about twice as much as what Single Shares will receive (which is noted on the image as well). 



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