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2023 CSA Season

​We sincerely appreciate your interest and willingness to support our produce farm in Oak Park, MN. The vast majority of produce that we grow is dedicated to our CSA Program. We enjoying leading our CSA families on a 16 week journey through the season with us, enjoying the farm's harvest from June to October! 

We are accepting NEW Members! 


We look forward to the opportunity to grow for you!!

Thank you, Ben & Jodi Brown

Farmer Ben with wife Jodi, William, Karli & Kelsi

We are a first generation, small family owned CSA farm, established in 2012. Farmer Ben has 20 years of experience, starting out learning the ropes as a young child. After 6 years of renting land, we bought our FOREVER FARM in Oak Park. 2022 will be our 3rd season in our new farm!

Our education and passion for naturally grown crops goes into every seed we sow, crop we pick and ultimately puts the best quality, freshest produce in your hands every week.

Farmer Ben with wife Jodi, William, Karli & Kelsi


We study our soils so we can provide you with the highest quality vegetables, fruits and herbs. Soil health is important to all of us in so many ways; in the yield of crops we grow in addition to the nutrition is can provide.


We have many sustainable farming methods that support our mission to provide you with the highest nutrition, and freshest produce possible. 


Lauren D.

This was our 1st year with our CSA share from the Brown Family and we loved it!! The produce was always beautiful (and delicious), with a wide variety. I really loved how Jodi posted weekly updates ahead of time of what we could expect, so I could meal plan and grocery shop ahead of time. Plus her blog is great with more insight as to what's going on with growing at the farm and recipes for more uncommon veggies you may not know how to use! Thanks Brown Family, we highly recommend you!

Adam N.

My friends and I changed to Brown Family Farm for our CSA and couldn't have been happier with the choice. Throughout the summer and early fall, we've seen a very large variety of seasonal crops. In other CSA's I've had in the past, it can feel like you are getting the same things over and over, but with Brown Family Farms, the variety kept us exploring new recipes and ideas. The produce was always quite fresh/tasty, easy to get from our pickup location, and the communication was very timely. I would recommend this CSA to anyone wanting some good variety throughout the CSA season. We'll see you again next year!

Leah V.

We had such a great experience with Brown Family Farm! This was our first experience with a CSA and I am so happy we started. They were great to work with, extremely knowledgeable and passionate, and shared so much of what they know! It’s comforting knowing that the produce we’re eating is grown with such high standards and coming from a place so close to home!


We started raising pigs in 2021. We've found that they complement our existing operations so much that we can't ever imagine the farm without them!


They are raised right at our farm in Oak Park and brought to a nearby butcher for custom processing. 

They have all the sunshine, grain & veggies they could ever want! The amount of effort and care that we put into our livestock will be reflected in the pork you enjoy with your family!

We're currently raising about 50 to sell in halves and wholes with the option for individual cuts coming in fall of 2023.

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