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CSA Share Weekly Update for August 28th-31st!

Greetings all,

This week was a cool one again, but after this weekend’s rain it looks like the temperatures will be close to the 80’s next week! We need some solid, hot dry days to keep the plants healthy.

Can you believe this is our 11th week together, where did the season go? Ben & I were just talking the other day about how we have so much more to share, good thing we have 6 weeks to fit it all in!

Ben is out working up the last bean patch right now, turning over the soil and prepping it for planting. We have got our late kohlrabi & lettuces that will be transplanted this weekend. It’s actually better to plant when it’s wet so the plants don’t get stressed out before they take root.

Watermelons are starting to ripen! We have Red Seedless and Red Seeded Melons, and YELLOW Seedless melons too. The yellow seedless melons are fantastic and some people argue that they are even sweeter than the traditional red seeded melons.

We grow red seeded, red seedless, and yellow seedless melons. Some people ask why we don’t grow just seedless melons because they are more desirable (to some). But, if we didn’t grow seeded melons, the seedless melons wouldn’t have the correct pollens and the flowers wouldn’t be able to pollinate & produce melons. So without the seeded melons, our seedless melons wouldn’t grow at all.

This week in your CSA Share you can expect Watermelon, Muskmelon/ Spaghetti Squash, Bell Peppers, Onions, Zucchini/ Summer Squash, Pickles/ Slicers, and Tomatoes (either slicing or Romas), and Grape Tomatoes!

The Watermelons DO NOT FIT IN YOUR CSA SHARE BOX. We will have melons in plastic bags off to the side of your CSA Shares. The melons WILL NOT BE LABELED with your name, but please take a melon when you are picking up your box! The half shares get 1 melon and the whole shares get 2 melons. We LOVE Watermelons! We will have watermelons for at least 2 weeks, but hopefully more!

When we pick watermelons, we will have to pick all the varieties to be able to get 200+ ripe melons at one time. This means that we won’t be able to say what kind of watermelon you would be getting in your Share, but just that you will be receiving one that week. We do keep track of what sites get which kind of watermelon, so the following weeks we can rotate them and make sure everyone gets equal amounts.

Watermelons and Muskmelons are best kept on the counter. If you want to cut them up ahead of time and refrigerate it, they will keep longer than if they were sitting on the counter. The important thing is to not put a whole watermelon or muskmelon in the fridge because it loses flavor if it cools from the outside in.

Muskmelons need to be eaten within a maximum of 3 days. We don’t pick melons unless they are ripe. The trade-off is if you pick melons when they ripen on the vine they taste 100X better, but they become over ripe a lot faster than the grocery store melons that are picked when they aren’t ripe.

Bell Peppers and Onions are best kept in the fridge. We did start drying onions already. For this week we will have fresh onions again, with the green tops cut off. If you’d like to freeze peppers or onions, no blanching or processing is required. Just cut them into the sizes you’d like to use during the off season and label the bag with a date.

We have been in zucchini, summer squash, pickles and slicers for a while now. All of which are best kept in the fridge.

Tomatoes should not be kept in the fridge as they flavor dulls in the fridge over time. The grape tomatoes will be measured in pints and packed into the CSA Shares in plastic produce bags to save the cardboard pints for next time. We love recycling, which helps our members save money too! #csamn #csafarming #csaveggies #csafruits #brownfamilyfarm

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