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CSA Shares start next week!

Greetings all,

We are happy to share that next week is our first week of CSA Share Deliveries! Your CSA Share will be delivered to the site you chose on your application, please watch for an email (from with information specific to your pick up location with more details!

We are very thankful to share that the storms we have had in the past week did not damage our fields. We farm land in Big Lake (~ 5 acres) and in Zimmerman (~10 acres), and while we did receive a significant amount of rain and high winds, we did not have any hail damage in our area. Thank God!

As a CSA farm, our members see a reflection of what happens in the fields; they benefit from heavy yields and lose out when there are losses. We are so excited to share with our members what we have been working towards for the last few months! I will also be posting on Friday with the first CSA Share Weekly Update, which will include the varieties of produce you will receive the first week of CSA Shares, storage tips and recipes!

Ben and I spend every moment (literally every moment) making sure that everything is done in the fields when it needs to get done. The reason that CSA Shares can be so appealing to some families is because they don’t need to plan their entire summer around a successful harvest to be able to eat naturally nutritious foods!

We are here to help! Ben and I have considerations every day to ensure the healthiest plants which have the highest yields; allowing us to share with our harvest with CSA Share members in surrounding nearby communities! Rest easy this summer knowing that we will always do our best to keep our harvest up and CSA Shares boxes full.

~The Farmer’s Wife

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