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Give & Take Box

Hello all, The blog hears it first!

This upcoming season we are going to offer a “Give and Take” box at each Residential site. It’s goal is to provide a sense of community while reducing waste through our CSA Share program.

Each week CSA Share members receive a variety of produce in their boxes. Some of the produce they receive is their favorite varieties, while others are not. We offer recipes and storage tips here on the blog throughout the season, but what happens when you come across something you’ve already tried, and know you won’t use? I am guilt too, folks. I’ve tried Okra in every form; fried, baked, broiled, and still I can’t find a way I really enjoy it.

We now offer the option of the Give & Take box to help solve this problem. If you don’t like something you can offer it to another CSA Share member by placing it in the box, and if you see something in the box that you’d like to eat, please take it! There is no obligation to put produce into the box if you are taking produce from the box or vice versa. It is a free-for-all on extra produce.

Let’s work together to keep our waste down, this world could really use a few of us consciously minded consumers.

~The Farmer’s Wife

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