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Grilled Sweet Corn!

Have you tried grilling your sweet corn yet?

Option 1:

1. Soak the corn in it's husk for an hour. This is to make sure the husk and kernels don't dehydrate and dry out. If the husk isn't wet the edges of leaves will start on fire.

2. Remove the silk out of the tip of the cob. Once you've soaked the corn, if you twirl the silk on your finger it should come off easily. Doesn't need to be perfect but having the majority of it off is important to not start a flare up on the grill.

3. Place on grill for 15 minutes, rotating once or twice.

Option 2:

Another way to grill the corn is removing the husk, coating the ear in butter and salt/pepper, then wrapping it in tin foil and grilling it for 15 minutes.

***My preference is grilling the corn with the husks on, because then when you peel it back it creates a little handle for the kids to hold onto.

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