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How about this weather?

Hello all!

I'm happy to share that we've thousands of plants in the greenhouse already! This season is shaping up, we've got a lot of our equipment out & operating, and we are starting to really get busy!

The germination chamber is run on propane heaters, and with this cold spell we've had the past week (including the 18 inches of snow we got at the farm this weekend), we've really been burning through the fuel. It appears that this weekend is warming up again, we are hoping for the snow to melt and the ground to thaw very soon. Ben is anxious to get in the fields and start working them up!

In past years, we have planted as early as the first week of May but that doesn't look like the case this season. Some varieties can handle frost overnight, while others can't be exposed at all. We will plant most of our produce over the course of month, basically mid-May to mid-June. We also have some plantings in July and August for direct seeded short term crops like late beans or late peas.

I've had some folks ask me about the farm season with concern about how cold and wet it is outside. To address this, we've got a long time until we need to be more concerned about the low overnight temperatures, it's only the middle of April. This winter does seem to be lasting forever though! It's mentally discouraging but at this point it isn't holding us back at all. We have everything started on schedule, everything is done that can be done at this point.

It's hard to imagine that in exactly two months we will have our first harvest of the year!

Thanks for signing up for the new blog, I am so excited to see how much this can improve our communications by opening up our posts to commenting and sharing our personal experiences!

Take care,

~The Farmer's Wife

Thousands of Pepper seedlings!

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