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November Update

Greetings all,

I hope you had a happy & healthy Thanksgiving! We are very thankful for all of your support in our CSA & farming endeavors, thank you!!

Pictured here is Karli learning how to drive the tractor with dad. All the kids enjoy taking turns "driving" the tractor. Ben is still getting used to the bucket on the front with hydraulics, but we've put it to good use already that's for sure.

I created a survey for the CSA season and would really appreciate it if you could take a minute to share your experience with us. These answers are totally anonymous because we feel that allows for more honest answers and that's what we're after. I made sure that this was a short survey; it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to complete. I also have a few spots where I am asking for your suggestions- things we should grow, things we shouldn't grow, etc. So if you have feedback for us please let us know. Even if you don't have any big suggestions- I can assure you that your survey will be highly valued!!



I want to start with a couple updates from the farm but this will be a much shorter letter than you're used to. We have been up to A LOT! We are still working on getting the greenhouse together, we still have pieces to order/ put together because we expanded the greenhouse (almost doubled the length). We have been mending fences, organizing the pack shed and storing equipment. Working on vehicles and mowers, and hopefully soon we will be building shelves in the garage (though that's low on the totem pole of to-dos). Here is a picture of the 200 gallon propane tank that Ben & I loaded and hauled home from the previous farm. That was a heavy job!

We also just butchered a handful of our roosters this morning. Many of you with a farming background knows what that looks like, but it was a first for this girl! With the assembly line style we had set up, it actually went pretty fast. We aren't raising any chickens to sell because we only had a handful, but have considered adding that to our offerings in the future. This is actually the first year we've ever had any animals on the farm!! Seems like the new property has been "home" forever, but we've really only been here 6 months. One thing at a time I have to keep reminding myself. It's just so fun to day dream!

We are really enjoying our time at home right now. I feel like we're moving in for a second time. By that I mean that I'm organizing our personal stuff and farm stuff, and also adding my personal touch to the house- pictures, framed art, even some new paint- I'm having a lot of fun with that!

So we had another cat come to the farm... We have four cats already. We had two indoor cats that were our pets & came with us to the new house, plus the 2 resident barn cats which are obviously our pets now- they even wear collars so people know they have a home. Kelsi loves the new kitty (and we do too!) but we need to find this little kitty a forever home. I did post a picture online to see if anyone is missing her, and I did reach out to the local animal shelter too. I'm going to keep trying. She is fat & happy but I believe this kitty deserves a warm furever home and I'll do my best to find her the right place <3

In case you're wondering why I didn't mention anything about the 2021 season yet- I will be sending out a separate announcement in a couple weeks with all the details on the 2021 season & sign up info. We are super excited!

To wrap it up I want to end on this note. I think this year in particular has caused us all to do a lot more reflection than we're used to, which is probably a good thing in our seemingly detached world. Our blessings include our family and our health, and the health of all those around us. I truly mean this and I believe that health of our neighbors and community will reflect onto us. This life is made up of a lot of moving parts...

We are wishing you & yours the best during this challenging time and hope that you stay healthy, in mind, body & spirit.

Stay well friends,

~The Farmer's Wife

PS. Please try to do the survey for us, we'd greatly appreciate it.

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Lydia Ross
Lydia Ross
02. Dez. 2020


You should write a book. You are a talented writer.


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