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You know how there is a holiday for everything? National pets day, siblings day for example? Well, you guessed it- there is also a CSA DAY!

A small farm collaborative came together and looked at all the statistics. February 28th is the most popular day of the entire year to sign up for your CSA Shares! *According to Small Farm Central, census data from US only.

CSA Shares are in existence out of the need of startup farmers to have the initial funds to start the season; seeds, soil, propane for the greenhouse, equipment, tools, trays, soo many other things.

They're also in existence to help connect the consumer with the farmer- as food should be. You should be able to know who grows your food, how they grow it, and where they grow it. I understand this is a romantic idea, you're probably thinking that there is no way you could ever source everything locally.

Well, you're absolutely right. The landscape of food isn't supportive of small local farms, but CSA Shares ARE supporting the very existence of the small farms that offer you fresh produce from our fields to your table. Even if the food industry doesn't like us, we hope you do!

We are asking you if you'd consider signing up for your CSA Share earlier than later this season, it helps me gauge how many families we're growing for and make an appropriate plan for the season. It also helps with the immediate startup costs of the season, and honestly helps relieve a bit of stress.

This year we are making an exciting jump- from our house in town (we rent our farmland) to a farm property in Oak Park, MN! It's less than 25 minutes north of us, but this will be the first year we're able to offer on farm events and tours. This is a huge accomplishment, we've been waiting almost a decade for this. Thank you for your support through this endeavor, you are the focus of why we do everything we do!!

To sign up for your share of our harvest, check out the link here:

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