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December Update

Updated: May 25, 2021

Merry Christmas All!!

I know this year looks a lot different than past years but we're making the best of it just like the rest of you I'm sure. Our plans have changed but our love hasn't! I've been trying my best to make some extra phone calls lately, checking in with everyone in our friend & family tree. Just a simple "hey, I've been thinking about you" means a lot at this time of year, especially this year.

We are wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We were all wishing for a white Christmas, but the snow storm last night was a little over the top! Our chickens are bundled in the barn and are doing well. The kitties are sitting on their heated pad and have been enjoying so. many. treats. lately, I figured that it would only make sense if they gained the Covid-19 pounds with the rest of us. You know, family traditions.

We found a kitty a little over a month ago and were looking for her owners. I posted to FB and listed her on the local shelter’s adoption page but ultimately one of our CSA families adopted her!! I was so happy when I got to message the shelter and remove her from their directory. She found a home for Christmas, along with a sweet young family and their kiddos! <3 This is one lucky lady!!

I wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU for filling out the surveys, your responses have been very helpful! I’ve learned SO much!! It is so helpful to have a better understanding of how we can help you and continue to grow with you! I will be posting more on the results in January.

MEMBERSHIP for 2021:

Our membership prices will remain the same for the coming season!! To quickly address this- we try to wait 3-4 years before increasing prices and we’re going on 4 years right now. For the 2022 season there will likely be in increase (to relieve any anticipation, the price increase is usually $30-40, i.e. $2-2.50 a week.).

We have confirmed with our hosting families and have got all of the details lined up for 2021! Almost all of our families are hosting again, though we are waiting on a couple responses still. The only change that we currently know of is the Big Lake site on CR 15, because the hosting family moved. I expect to hear back very soon, and will have definitive listings available by New Years when we open Membership :D

This year our membership sign up will look a little different. This is as a result of last season selling out two full months prior to what it had previously. We want to make sure you get your spot if you’re participating in the CSA again! So this is our way of reserving your placement in our program. We will have a hidden page on our website that isn’t listed in the main navigation, but I’ll give you the URL link which will bring you to our Membership page. There you will be able to select your Share size & Add-ons if you choose, and then check out like normal.

When I send out that email, I will be sending it via a regular email. It won’t be imbedded into the fancy emails with pictures and fonts etc. because with a normal email it is more likely to actually make it to you. I will also be posting to our Facebook page about that time. The entire month of January is reserved for you, then after that we open up membership to other groups and eventually the general public.

If right now isn’t a good time to sign up for a CSA but you want to participate, just shoot me an email and I’ll hold your spot until April 1st- no questions asked. No deposit necessary. No tricks.

I usually like to reflect on the year at years' end but think I'll skip that this year because we haven't done anything except reflection. On ourselves, our friendships, our family relationships; I don't think I've been more aware of myself in my entire life. While it's exhausting, it's also equally rewarding in my opinion.

Let's bulldoze (or snowplow) into 2021. Cheers!!

Stay well friends,

~The Farmer's Wife

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