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Introducing the Fall Storage Share!

Greetings all,

We are happy to announce we are expanding the offerings for our Members! New this season we will be offering a Fall Storage Share, which is a larger quantity of produce that keeps well; winter squash, dried onions, russet potatoes, carrots, beets and red potatoes.

This Fall Storage Share is meant for our Members who would like to take some produce into the off-season with them. Keep these varieties in a cool, dark place or process them (like freezing for example) and they will keep for many months!

The Storage Share will be delivered the last couple weeks of the season in addition to your normally scheduled CSA Share. I will also have a storage guide to preserving that produce if you're interested in freezing squash, or prepping carrots for stew in bulk for example.

When the end of the season is approaching, we will start to send out communications to all of our Fall Storage Members letting you know when to expect your delivery.

Looking forward to a great season together!!

Sign up for your Share today!

~The Farmer's Wife


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