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New CSA Sites!!

We are making some updates because the coronavirus has caused many of our business associates to close their offices. If you signed up to pick up at work, you should have received an email from us already offering the other CSA sites to choose from. Some of your businesses are open for pick up, even if you're working from home.

A lot of businesses are closed or have all colleagues working from home. So instead of making the commute to work to pick up their share, a lot of members are choosing to pick up at a closer residential site instead of traveling to work. We want this to be as convenient as possible for you all, so we are adding additional sites- more options!! This is just one small measure we can take to make this very strange CSA season work for you!

All of the new sites are residential sites, meaning that anyone can choose them. (Different from the corporate sites because those are an option for employees of that business only).

If your workplace opens back up mid-summer you're welcome to change back to your workplace at that time. Just send us an email if you want to change your site.

I am working out some of the details for these additional sites, and will be posting as soon as possible- believe me! This is all very time sensitive, considering our CSA's start in just over a week! This is just a heads up that more options are coming, please watch for additional posts/ emails from us in the next week as we work to get this arranged quickly.

Looking forward to our first shared harvest together,

Have a great weekend!!

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