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Special Announcements

Happy New Year!


This is a brand new week, of a brand new year, in a brand new decade. How refreshing!!

Our promise to you is to do our best to get you a huge variety of fresh produce grown on our farm. I am hopeful that those who were with us through the 2019 skinny season have also been members for the many years of bounty. We have a few new tricks to manage water levels this season and strategic planting to avoid the low spots (that weren’t ever a problem until this past season). There are a lot of uncertainties in farming but one thing will remain constant- we will always do everything we can to produce healthy local vegetables for our CSA Family!

CSA Membership for 2020 is now open!


We are introducing a new size this year! As a response to requests for a smaller option, we are rolling out a “Single Share” which is about a quarter bushel every week; ideal for 1-2 people.

We have also renamed our current CSA Share sizes, although the price and produce included/box sizes remain completely the same as all previous year. The Half Share is now called the “Family Share” and the Whole Share is now called the “Jumbo Share”.

More about the SIZES:


SINGLE SHARE: (NEW) Recommended for 1-2 people. This share was created with singles, couples or seniors in mind. The Single Shares will receive the same amount of fruits as the Family Share so you won't miss out on Strawberries, Apples, Blueberries or Melons!

There will be weeks that you won’t get every variety of produce that we include in the Family & Jumbo Shares. There are some produce varieties that are large, and we won't cut anything in half. So we will have to choose what to include and what to exclude during the weeks with larger produce items. This is the pilot year for this Share Size, so we are only offering 50 Single Shares.

FAMILY SHARE: (previously called ‘Half Share’) is for 3-4 adults. This is the 5/9th bushel box, which is always the most popular share size; about 85% of Members choosing the Family Share size. The portion sizes are perfect for a family because we include each variety of produce in quantity to be used in a dish or recipe, but not too much. This is the exact same price, box size and produce quantity as the previous seasons’ “Half Share”.

JUMBO SHARE: (previously ‘Whole Share’) is for 6-8 adults, or for families who like to preserve produce and store veggies into the off-season. This is a 1 1/9th bushel box, and usually makes up about 15% of Members on a yearly basis. This is the exact same price, box size and produce quantity as the previous seasons’ “Whole Share”.

include a link to go to our sign up page!

We are super excited to be making these changes this season! We are hopeful that we will have great weather and sunshine, and an overall spectacular harvest to offer you!

Sign up today to reserve your portion of our Harvest! I will send you a confirmation right away, and then follow up with reminder emails and the updated Farm to Table Handbook when the season is closer, don't worry about forgetting! ;)

Well wishes to you and yours,

Thank you!!

~The Farmer's Wife

This is week 1 from 2019, picture taken by Amanda R., CSA Member

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