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Spring is here!!

So much has happened since we last posted. I have lots to share with you!

We moved into our forever farm! I am sorry everything moved so fast this spring that I wasn't really able to keep up with posting here too. I did post a lot of pictures and even video to our FB page so feel free to check that out (and like us!) at your leisure.

Our new homestead sits on about 30 acres, with roughly 8 tilled at the moment. We are working up some more ground too, which I will post pictures of soon! Ben got me chickens as part of my mothers day present, which seems really silly to some but I have always wanted chickens and have never been able to have them. (Up until now, we have always lived in town and rented fields, so there wasn't room before but now there is!).

I have some pictures attached here too, lots to look at!

This is one of the bigger fields that we are working up this spring. It's been plowed, and disked, so now it just needs to be tilled before we can plant it. But we don't want to do that ahead of time because the tilling basically flips the dirt super fast and makes it softer which is easier to plant in, and it's better for the plants while their roots are trying to take hold. If we do it too early and it rains or gets compacted for any reason we would just have to till again to get the soil in the right condition for planting.

This is a picture of a sunset the other day. I thought it looked really cool over the rows of plowed fields. You can see the big duvets in the rows, which have actually been very lively lately as we've seen pheasants and turkey run up and down these runs haha!

This is the bee set -up for this season. Our bee keepers Mike & Julie will be bringing the colonies to the farm next weekend. From there, the bees will be busy visiting all of the veggie plants and the flowers dispersed in the woods and the swamp (shown behind the hives is the big swamp with lots of forage potential).

We have been keeping busy!! It's actually a lot of fun settling into the new house and the new space. We have a whole big shed for packing CSA Shares now- so much room we don't even know what to do with it all! We are pulling fences, working up fields and also planting lots of varieties in this next week!

We have a lot to look forward to,

Looking forward to this season together!! <3

~The Farmer's Wife

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