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The balance.

Happy Friday!!

I wanted to reach out and let you know that this season Ben & I decided to not attend ANY farmer's markets. We are going 100% CSA, for a lot of reasons..

By purchasing a CSA, you're committing to us and our harvest. The only way for us to TRULY reflect your commitment, is keeping to the same standards. This produce is all for you, and you will absolutely be our priority in deciding what to grow and how much of what to grow!

Also, CSAs are the best way to sell produce because of the benefits- knowing where the veggies are going and who is enjoying them is a real pleasure! We also have the capability to reflect exactly what you want.

I think that's the biggest reason for me, we want to make sure this is an enjoyable experience for you! (Growing what you want is the best way to do that!!)

Another reason is that farmers markets are generally wasteful, and you don't get fresh produce a lot of the times. If farmers are going to multiple markets and end the day with lots of veggies, they'll just pack that up and unload it the next morning. That's just plain old dishonest- and the people at the market want FRESH produce, not a week old-better eat it now-will expire soon-produce. By providing a lesser quality product they're taking away from the value consumers get- and that's just not fair to anyone.

I made this fun little graphic to reflect the amount of greens that we grow. Did you know that Kale has more calcium than milk, more iron than beef, and 10X more vitamin C than spinach?

Our greens are balanced all season long. I know Kale is one of those 'in style' veggies right now, but we won't be adding it every week. We will provide kale 4 times a season, we don't want to over-do it with kale! We listen to you!!

Please know that Ben and I talk over these kinds of details every winter. What can we do to improve our program, how can we offer you a better value, and give you what you actually want to eat?! These are the guidelines to our farm- remember that we grow for you!

If you have requests or suggestions for this season- shoot me a text/call or email- 952-836-5263

Our greens, like all other varieties at our farm, are grown with organic farming practices. We are not certified organic because up until this season we've never owned property (it's not possible without owned land)- but we will be pursuing certification once we get settled this summer!!

More on this soon I'm sure. We take great pride in growing for your families and look forward to a wonderful season ahead <3

Thank you!! ~The Farmer's Wife

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Terri Homan
29. Feb. 2020

This is my first experience with a CSA and am so excited for it to begin. Knowing how much work I have put into tiny garden patches over the years, you have my utmost respect for being willing to take on the responsibility for providing clean, wholesome food for so many. I know the joy of working in the soil and what a demanding partner she can be.

Gefällt mir
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